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Birthday Box


Everyone deserves to be spoilt on their birthday and the Birthday Box is the perfect way to celebrate your pup's special day! 

The Birthday/Gotcha Day Box includes: 

  • Birthday Cake Mix 
  • Pupcake Bow Tie
  • Rope Toy


Birthday Cake Mix - The Innocent Pet

Celebrate your innocent hound's birthday with the delicious, grain free meaty cake. Made with air-dried British duck, it is easy to make, quick to bake, and perfect for a paw-ty!

Instructions are located on the back of your mix and makes one 6" cake, or 6 individual yummy pupcakes. All you need to add is 2 eggs and 40ml of water to create your fantastic cake. 

Made with a single protein- only British duck goes into this cake mix.


Pupcake Bow Tie - Cocopup London

The Pupcake Bow Tie is the perfect birthday outfit. Looking this good on your birthday...piece of cake! 

Dimensions: 10cm x 7cm 
Material: Polyester with velcro fastening (to wrap around any collar or harness) 

Rope Toy - Mutt & Hounds

An essential tug toy for your dog’s playtime!

The simple and stylish tug toy is made from tough rope & is perfect for a bit of fetch and throw with your dog or puppy.

Made from tough rope in a fabulous yellow colour, you will be able to spot this ball from miles away whilst out playing fetch with your dog! The rope balls are also perfect for a good gnawing that will stimulate your dog's gums and prevent plaque.